Senior Transportation: Is it Time to Stop Driving?

Senior Transportation: Is it Time to Stop Driving?

A special thank you to Sherrie Rose of Senior Access TX for contributing her expertise and knowledge to provide this guest blog.

If you’re a senior in Texas, have you hung up your keys for good? Is it time to start thinking about it? The decision to stop driving is stressful and can cause a lot of turmoil. How does one simply stop driving? How do you get to the doctor or pick up groceries or meet a friend for lunch? The answer is a senior transportation service!

Giving up the freedom to go around town as you please is tough. As you age, you and your family members want you to be able to do the activities that bring you joy and purpose. However, there are resources that can help Texas seniors stay independent and continue to live at home.

For the central Texas area, there is Senior Access, a nonprofit organization that provides free transportation for folks 60 and older who live independently and have decided to stop driving.

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What is Senior Access?

Senior Access is a volunteer-based organization that takes clients to doctor appointments, therapy appointments, cancer treatments, as well as grocery stores, other errands, and some social outings.

Our senior transportation service provides one-on-one drives and door-through-door service, which gives our clients confidence that they will get to where they need to go.

Door-through-door service is different than door TO door service! It means that our volunteers help clients get inside the doctor’s office and help them get settled if needed.

Many volunteers will even wait at the doctor’s office until their client is finished with their appointment. Getting in and out of a vehicle, or even finding your way in a hospital setting can be confusing, so we make sure our clients get exactly where they need to go.

In addition to the one-on-one drives, Senior Access has a fleet of large passenger vans that take clients on group trips to the grocery stores, libraries, and fun outings.

These group trips not only provide a way to get groceries, prescriptions, and household items, but they also provide a social connection. This unintended consequence was a pleasant discovery!

Clients who ride the vans have a great way to make friends and stay connected with people. Telephone numbers are exchanged, birthdays are celebrated, and photos of grandchildren are shared. Relationships are built and maintained.

Support for Seniors

Senior Access provides other services to enhance independence. Often there are small tasks that can be difficult to complete on your own! Light handyman services, occasional yardwork, and a medical equipment loan closet is offered.

Our volunteers help by changing a lightbulb, installing fresh batteries in smoke detectors, hanging curtains, replacing air filters, and a number of other things.

Medical equipment such as walkers or rollators, wheelchairs, crutches, bath chairs, and bedside commodes are just a few of the items we loan out free of charge.

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    Senior Buddy Program

    Another program that is offered is our Senior Buddy program. Some of our clients just don’t feel up to doing their own grocery shopping, so they request a buddy who can help them get essentials they need, pick up prescriptions, or run other errands. Their buddy will also call them every week to check in.

    This service helps our clients feel less isolated and alone. Connection is so important for everyone, not just seniors!

    Do You Know a Senior We Could Serve?

    As you begin to decide if your keys should be hung up for good, be sure to look for resources in your area to help you.

    If you live in Central Texas, Senior Access or other sister organizations are here to help you.

    If you live outside of this area, search the internet for free senior transportation or check out your local Area Agency on Aging and see what is available for you.

    Senior Access in Austin, TX

    Here at Senior Access, we feel so blessed to be able to serve the senior community. Seniors have so much to share. We love to hear their stories. We want them to stay connected and independent and a part of their community.