Overwhelmed, Frustrated, and Confused by Medicare?

  • Need help understanding the difference between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage?

    Is freedom to choose your healthcare providers important to you?

    Are your medical or prescription costs running too high?

  • Do you know how to enroll in Medicare Parts A, B, C, and D, and what they all cover?

    Would you like to get rid of co-pays and/or high deductibles?

    When was the last time you had your health insurance plan reviewed?


Our mission is your understanding of the Medicare program and all of your options. That includes the different parts of Medicare, the costs associated with each part, the gaps in coverage, and the ways you can get those gaps covered.


Our goal is to protect your future health and wealth. We make Medicare easy! Easy to understand, easy to choose a plan, and easy to enroll.


Our promise is exemplary customer service. We navigate you through the entire enrollment process, including your drug plan. We are your single point of contact for your Medicare needs, for as long as you are on Medicare.


“Medicare Dana” began her career as a social worker in the education, judicial, and hospital systems. She transitioned into clinical research managing medical trials and therapeutic breakthroughs. With a passion for advocacy and integrity, “Medicare Dana” joined the Medicare field to provide unbiased Medicare expertise and education on Medicare coverage and costs.



We are independent, licensed, unbiased, insurance agents specializing in Medicare. As independent agents, we are not loyal to any one insurance company, our loyalty is to you, our clients. With a focus on education, our goal is your understanding of the Medicare program and all of your options. Your medical and financial security is directly tied to your Medicare plan. We are committed to customer service and transparency, telling you what insurance companies and captive agents don't share. All of our services are 100% FREE of charge.


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What our customers are saying…

What Our Clients Have To Say

  • “You know more than the multiple people I have talked to (other insurance agents and even the Social Security Office), and you are honest. That’s why I will do business with you, there are so many people taking advantage of Medicare age people. It is just horrible."

    -Deb, Florida

  • “Dana, I couldn’t have talked to anyone better, thank you! I work with a lot of people who could use your services and will be sending them your way”

    -Lori, Texas

  • “Thank you so much Dana. I appreciate all you have done. You're a miracle worker. You just, you're just so good. I appreciate you so much. Thank you.”

    -Starr, Texas

  • “Dana, I appreciate your approach and very helpful information and education. My experience has been filled with professionalism, clarity, and understanding. Medicare can be a very confusing topic. Reviewing your videos and tools has been wonderful.  Your ability to explain every step of the process to help individuals choose the RIGHT plan is so very much needed and appreciated! As a Medicare specialist without any connection to a particular insurance company makes it equitable and unique. Thanks to you and the team for putting all this information together in an understandable and helpful manner!”

    -CJ, Illinois

  • “I have talked to 10 different people and Dana, you are the only one who seems to know what they are talking about. Thank you.”

    -Tony, Illinois

  • “Thanks, Dana. You've been a godsend in helping me with all this. Think I'm all "good to go" now with your help. Thank you!”

    -Ben, Texas

  • “Thanks for the call Dana, I really appreciate having someone to guide me through this confusing mess.”

    -Anthony, Illinois

  • “Dana, you are refreshing. Unfortunately, these days people are just trying to sell sell sell, almost pushing it down your throat. It is nice that you give me time to think about my options and are there to answer questions I have honestly. It makes me feel comfortable with you and why I do business with you.”

    -Mark, Maryland

  • “Dana, it was such a pleasure meeting you. I have heard so so many nice things about you and now we see why. Thank you so much for helping us with our Part D plans. It was especially nice since it was of no financial gain for you. Thank you”

    -Debbie, Florida

  • “Dana, you must have a huge heart to do what you do. Thank you.”

    -Aubrey, Florida

  • “Thank you Dana, I so appreciate your guidance, you have been much more helpful than the other people I have been in touch with. I will be sending friends and family your way.”

    -Michael, Texas

  • “Thank you Dana for your persistent yet warm follow up. I am so overwhelmed with life at the moment, and especially with Medicare enrollment. You have kept me on track and guided me for everything I need, every step of the way. Thank you.”

    -Laurie, New Mexico

  • “I needed someone like you to hold my hand through the process. Thank you Dana.”

    -Gail, Texas

  • “Thanks for all your help Dana. The way you explain the Medicare program is so very helpful. I was overwhelmed by how others explained it and what is online is so confusing. But everything you have educated me on has been absolutely accurate and spot on. I appreciate you, thank you.”

    -Nicole, Georgia

  • “What I like about you, is that you don’t pressure me and you give me all the details of next steps in very efficient ways. And that is why I will be working with you. I appreciate you Dana.”

    -Steve, Florida

  • “I feel like I have found a real friend in you Dana. You look out for my best interests and really care, thank you.”

    -Ellen, Florida

  • “You have been a blessing to me, I am so happy I called you. I feel so much better.”

    -Cindy, Georgia